There are 2 questions we are regularly asked when meeting with new clients. How long have we been training dogs, and how did we meet.  It is a true statement that If it were not for dogs, the chances of us meeting would have been highly unlikely.  We met in 2004 at a Working Dog Trial in Tomball, Texas.  The club I trained with at the time was hosting a trail and Darryl was brought in to decoy/work the trial…basically he was the bad guy wearing the suit that the dogs competing were trained to bite. As I remember it, Darryl was working the trial, spotted me across the field and was so smitten that he immediately dropped to one knee and proposed…thank goodness he was not severely injured by an advancing K9 during this moment of weakness!  6 months later, he jumped in his truck and drove 1496 miles from Maryland back to Texas with all of his belongings and thus Tri-County K9 Academy began! There may be a few other minor details left out but this is the story as “I” remember it…let’s not bother Darryl by asking what story he has to tell. In today’s pet-friendly market, it is oftentimes difficult to choose the right training option for your beloved companion(s).  Do a Google search and you will find a countless number of dog trainers in the Houston area alone.  There are no requirements to become a dog trainer and it appears there is now one on every corner.  We would like to make this decision an easy one for you. ——>Tri-County K9 Academy is a family owned and operated facility.  ——>Tri-County K9 Academy is a Veteran owned and operated facility. ——>We have a combined 20+ years training dogs and together, we have been serving dog owners and rescue organizations in the Houston and surrounding communities for nearly 10 years.   ——>We have assisted 1000’s of dogs and owners in building a better, stronger relationship. ——>We have worked with everything from shy and fearful dogs, to severely aggressive dogs, and just about everything in between. ——>When you contact Tri-County K9 Academy, you will be given an honest, straight forward answer about your dog, the issues he/she may be having, and together we can work towards a goal. ——>When you contact Tri-County K9 Academy for information on the training programs that we offer, you will not speak with a high pressure sales person, you will speak with either myself or Darryl. ——>Tri-County K9 Academy works closely with the Magnolia Police Department, K9 Unit so inevitably there is a strong law enforcement presence at our facility. ——>At Tri-County K9 Academy, we understand that all dogs are not created from the same mold.  While one training technique may work for one dog, it may be ineffective for another.  We there fore strive to work with each dog as a separate individual to ensure that each dog is given the same opportunity to succeed.
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