Darryl Richey

Darryl has been training dogs and competing for 15+ years.  He is a Veteran of the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division where he proudly served our country in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield prior to becoming involved with dog training. Darryl’s most recent accomplishment was training 4 working K9’s prior to the dogs being placed with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit.  Fozzie, Boomer, Mikey and Tamara have been on our streets working to keep our illegal narcotics out of the hands of our children and also assisting in apprehending criminals who attempt to evade arrest. 


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Certifications from

North State K9 Academy/Tarheel

Canine , in:

K9 Odor Detection Training Police K9 Patrol & Dual Purpose Training Pet Obedience Training Behavior Modification Competitive Obedience Training PSA Midwest Director PSA President 2005-2008 PSA Judge PSA Certfied Trial Decoy 7x PSA Decoy Hall of Fame PSA Iron Decoy 2002-2009 National Champion PSA II in 2002 w/ K9 Gabe 2nd Place PSA III in 2002 w/ K9 Gabe2nd Place PSA I at 2003 PSA Nationals w/ K9 Jager PSA Tagor V. JoeFarm Award-High Owner Trained June 2003 Pittstown-High Owner Trained August 2003 Chicago, IL-High Owner Trained July 2003 Severn, MD PSA Ben V. Lowenfels Memorial Award-High in Trial August 2003 Chicago, IL High in Trial - Julty 2003 Severn, MD 2nd Annual Dog Sports Open Lansing, Michigan1 st Place Obedience/Protection Level II 1st Place Obedience/Protection Level III Top Decoy Award K9 Pro Sports Trial April 2001 High Protection Score Professional Division March 2001 High Protection Professional Division April 2001 National Association of Protection Dogs Certified 'Bad Guy' Decoy 1998 United Schutzhund Clubs of America Certified Helper

18922 Helga Road

Magnolia, Texas 77355 (281) 733.8946
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