Getting a jumpstart on puppyhood

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time.  What can possibly go wrong when you are being smothered in puppy kisses ,filled with scent that everybody can not get enough of, puppy breath? It is hard to think that this sweet and very innocent looking bundle of yappiness, can [and will...] turn your entire household upside down and sideways in a matter of days...hours? We have all been there.  In a moment of weakness, or possibly even a venture that was long planned, with all of your ducks in a row,  a new little puppy has arrived in your home.  Like most pet owners, you lavish the new baby with love, let it snuggle up and sleep on the pillow with you, purchase every new toy from every single store in town.  You start off on the right foot purchasing the best puppy food, potty pads and a kennel, and have every intention of doing right by your new addition. The first flash of sad puppy eyes, the first wail of a  puppy crying from the kennel, and everything goes straight out the window. I like to think that if most owners understood that this is the best time/age to imprint *wanted* behaviors, they would not give in to sad puppy eyes, no matter how difficult it may be. Young puppies are like sponges.  They soak in every single detail in the world around them and quickly become masters at making you jump to attention.  This is the best time turn the tables on them by teaching them proper behaviors, and making them work for it.  It will not take long before a puppy realizes he will not get attention, or get picked up, unless he sits politely in front of you.  Want a treat? Better go into the dreaded kennel first, your treat will follow.  Beginning work with your puppy  early on, will give him a jumpstart to all that his future holds.  If you have a new puppy, or are looking to bring in a new addition to your home, contact TCK9 now and plan for your puppy’s future before he/she arrives.  Proper planning will help you cover all the bases so that you are prepared before problems arise.  An early foundation of puppy obedience imprinting is worth its weight in the furniture, shoes, clothes, toys, etc, that you will lose without it.


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Sabre has done extremely well with his training that y'all have provided. We couldn't be happier. He is a smart, healthy, well socialized dog. And y'alls training has made a difference in our every day life. We are using all the commands and he continues to respond well to them. Sabre says he is looking forward to coming back for his off leash training once he is old enough :) we have been so happy with his performance, we  have recommend anyone and everyone who has commented or asked about his training to  tri county k9. If y'all ever need a testimonial feel free to ask. Him and the cat are still working on their relationship

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