Training is a Necessity

Years ago, sending a dog for in-board training, attending

obedience classes, or seeking any sort of outside assistance with your dog, was

considered somewhat of a luxury item.  Training was provided for dogs on an as

needed basis, when extra funds were available.

With more individuals and families taking on ownership of a dog, it is now imperative that each and every single one of them takes the proper steps needed to keep their dog safe and sound.  One of the key elements to your dogs safety, is providing the proper training needed, so that he/she can remain in your home as a treasured member of your family. Many of our clients seek out our assitance when they are at their wits end.  New dog is unlike dogs of their past, new dog chases and nips the kids, jumps all over guests, tears up items when left unattended, does not come when called, etc.  In most of these cases, the dog just needed guidance to understand what is or is not acceptable behavior.  Every year in the news we see countless stories regarding dog bites, some are only minor injuries while others unfortunately are much more extreme.   This should make you wonder.  Had the 5lb chihuahua been taught as a puppy, to sit patiently when a visitor knocks on the door, and obedience used thereinafter to control her behavior, she would not have bitten the little girl selling girl scout cookies.  If the 75lb German Shepherd Dog had been worked with as a young puppy to allow people to handle his food, toys, valuables, would he have bitten his owner as they tried to take a high value item away from him as an adult.  In todays society, it is acceptable to take your dog with you to many functions.  Be it the baseball field, an equestrian function, a simple walk in the park or a visit to a local pet friendly establishement.  How many times have you wanted to take your dog with you, but opt out, because of poor behavior? You and your dog will be very unwelcome  if he is unruly in general, not to mention if he jumps on, growls at or acts aggressively to other patrons.  Obedience training again, gives you the tools to use, to control your dog in new environments, making it possible to take your dog with you and have the confidence to work through any situation that may arise. When researching the purchase/adoption/aquisition of a new dog, obedience training is something that should be considered well in advance of bringing the new fella home.  Working with a professional trainer to teach proper behaviors, before unwanted ones have a chance to develop, will save you a lifetime of aggrevation.  While it is always best to start at a young age, it is never too late to seek assistance with a problem that you may be having now, with an adult dog.  Having a well trained dog is a necessity in todays society.  Do your part to make sure that your dog does not become another statistic, Call TCK9 today to set up an appointment, and find the best training option for you and your canine companion.


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DJ was a STAR last night. He was pretty mellow for his homecoming, listened great, and best of all, did wonderful with Don and the wheelchair. I expected him to be excited and want to jump on Don, but he was a real gentleman. THERE IS HOPE, lol! Seriously, thanks for all the hard work. He seems to have mellowed some, grown up some, learned some... and yet still remain a Meathead. You really did an excellent job on him. I seriously cannot thank you enough.
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